A 101 Guide To Have An Awe-Inspiring Eco-Friendly Wedding


We all know how extravagant and lavish Indian wedding is and what its aftermath is. The whole phenomenon of a wedding at some place leads to the wastage of many resources which eventually causes harm to the atmosphere. Now, due to the environmental awareness at a vast level couples are opting to tie their knots in the eco-friendly and sustainable atmosphere. We are here to help you out in arranging an amazing eco-friendly wedding.

1) E-Invites/ Eco-Friendly Invitation


Before diving into any arrangements, make your first step green by opting for eco-friendly wedding invitation or just send e-invites. They are the best option to begin your wedding preparation.

2) Eco-Friendly Venue


Opt for the venue which consists of more green surroundings or outdoor venue. Instead of using exotic flowers use a local one, use fairy-tale lightings because they will enhance the beauty of the place.

3) Wedding Food

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That’s the vital part of any wedding, to be honest, try to stick to organic food. They not only good for health but also for the environment.

4) Edible Cutlery


Edible cutlery is really interesting when it comes to eco-friendly weddings. They can be eaten and are harmless.

5) Party Favors


At some weddings, guests are entitled to receive gifts from the bride or groom’s family. Instead of giving them something else why not give them a pot of plant or a sachet of plant seeds?

6) Organic Wedding Cake


Ditching the heavy traditional cake, choose fruit cakes which are wholly made up of fruits or go for vegetable cakes, if not then you can opt for vegan chocolate cake as well.

7) Zero Waste

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The concept of zero-waste is simple, try to use every possible resource in such a manner that they can’t go straight to the bin.

Eco-friendly weddings are getting really popular these days. If you love your environment than go for it.

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