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Summer drinks recipes you can try at home

Herbal drinks are an ideal alternative to beverages like tea and coffee. Wedding Affair brings to you some summer drinks you can try.

Enjoy a hot cuppa this winter!

Enjoy a hot cuppa this winter, because the season calls for it. Wedding Affair lists some indulgent hot caffeine-induced and fun drinks for you!

Warm, cosy drinks to enjoy this winter

You might just be chilling in a warm blanket and still a hot drink is delightful. Wedding Affair brings you recipes of delicious hot drinks.

Drinks to serve at your Diwali party

Wedding Affair brings to you some really quirky drinks to serve your guests this Diwali season for more energy and enthusiasm.

Festive coffee drinks to try this season

Coffee is that evergreen drink that can be converted into so many variants and can satiate your soul in so many ways.

Exotic drinks for the date night

You can always have a date night at home. A warm ambience, good music, and exotic drinks is all you need. Here's some drinks for your date.

Summer coolers to quench your thirst

Wedding Affair brings to you some amazing summer coolers that you can enjoy within the comfortable environs of your home.