Capturing Memories & More – Canon


We all love to relive the wonderful moments of our lives, so why not seize the best memories with the perfect click. Pioneer of the industry – Canon started out in 1937 with a vision to make the best cameras for the world. More than seven decades later, in addition to being a trailblazer in photography it has a wide portfolio of products for consumers and businesses. Canon offers a vast range of imaging products that allow anyone to easily record, print and preserve the most precious moments in their life.

Canon’s ever-evolving imaging technology brings color to daily life and brings people closer. The company offers a comprehensive range of digital imaging products in the country which includes digital cameras, digital SLRs, lenses, accessories and multifunctional peripherals among others.

With Canon EOS series of interchangeable lens digital cameras, Canon continues to provide you the ability to shoot exactly how you want to, when you want to and the power to express your vision all the more beautifully. Their extensive range of lenses provides unlimited possibilities for capturing different scenes and subjects, while providing ease of use. Now everyone can be a photographer!

Loaded with features like powerful zoom capabilities and high-precision image stabilization, Canon’s Digital Compact Cameras are ideal for grab-and-go shooting. With high-sensitivity large-size sensors, these cameras can produce beautiful blurs, delicate gradations and other expressive tones.  

Canon’s Professional Digital SLR cameras offer an outstanding balance of speed, ease of use and image quality, and continue to evolve with advanced new video features. The EOS system enjoys the overwhelming support of professional photographers all over the globe.

Canon’s Cinema EOS System has a sterling reputation since its inception. It boasts of a compact design coupled with outstanding image quality. The pairing of these digital cinema cameras and exclusive EF cinema lenses enables ultra-high-resolution 4K recording. 

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