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Fashion trends and styles are always changing, but as for this article below, you’re about witness the aesthetic era of fashion and style statements. So, here we have a few ways that you girls can try in order to make your ensembles look all aesthetic and flaunt your style streak on your #InstaFeed

Follow the “layer” system


Aesthetic fashion is like the latest talk of Gen Z town and we’re sure that you don’t wanna feel out of place, so the first tip to making your ensembles look aesthetic is to make sure you follow the layering system. No, we’re not talking about wearing overcoats or some jackets, instead what we intend to indicate is to probably wear a plain basic t-shirt below your strappy dresses or even your strappy tops. Or you can even layer a patterned top over a basic full-sleeved t-shirt. This way your outfits will look quite unique and vintage giving you all the #InstaGoals just in one shot.

Pick pastels

Well, while we speak of aesthetic essence in your outfits and your clothing then picking out pastel shades for your outfits might do the deed. Picking pastels is your second tip for the aesthetic fashion guide. Pastels make your entire ensemble look light and soft, which in turn give you a soft and subtle aesthetic kinda vibe. For instance, you can probably choose a powder blue shade of straight-fit denim paired with a printed or even a basic pastel-colored top, blouse, or a t-shirt that might even work.

Hair accessories


Read it again guys, because we’re not talking about your usual accessories, instead, we’re favoring hair accessories when it comes to aesthetic fashion. If you’re desperately willing to look and aesthetic on your social media handles well then you better make sure that you’ve got some pretty hair accessories. You can style some hair clips on the front or side fringes of your hair, and make sure that you color coordinate your hair clips with your outfits. Or even better you can try and style a silk scarf on your head matching the color scheme of your outfit.

Vintage prints

Aesthetic and vintage vibe go hand in hand so if you wish to shine out bright on your Insta feed well then girl you better start shopping for some subtle yet catchy prints. You can go with plaids, checks, and most of all florals, but make sure that they’re all in neutral colors and not that loud as that might defeat your purpose of aesthetic fashion.

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