Japanese skincare for the glowing bride

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Have you noticed one thing? Japanese women never seem to age. With their beauty rituals and anti-aging skin care products, it seems that they have found the well-kept secret to looking youthful and radiant, for a longer time. Even 70 year olds have flawless and glowing skin. Wedding Affair decodes the Japanese skincare routine step-by-step for the bride who wants to look like a vision on her special day.

Tip 1: Use Gentler Skin Cleansers

Japanese women prefer to avoid harsh products which contains a lot of chemicals. As a result, they use products that are low in alcohol and more on the natural side. By using gentler products. For example, a softener. The skin remains hydrated and hence the natural oils of the skin aren’t stripped away. Using softer products will help your skin retain lots of moisture which in turn naturally minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Cleansing is really, really important to maintain healthy skin, according to the Japanese. This step washes away bacteria that could possibly get into pores and cause breakouts.

But the great trick here is, you are supposed to cleanse your face once a day otherwise you will dry out your skin. Hence, the best time to do it is before bedtime to get rid of all the dirt and pollutants which your skin is exposed to during the day. Doesn’t matter if you wear makeup or not, you should always cleanse your skin before bedtime. Finish by applying a serum and a nighttime moisturiser. Japanese women pay a lot of attention to this vital step in their beauty routine. So pay attention!

Japanese Skincare

Tip 2: Ditch The Toner. Use A Skin Softener

There’s nothing more luxurious and nutritious for the skin like a good skin softener. It is known to give your skin an extra layer of moisture. Not only does it hydrate your skin and infuse it with nutrients but also retains moisture. Unlike toners, which tend to dry out the skin, softeners lock in moisture and brighten up the complexion. It also lightens up the acne marks and lends a smooth and plump look to the skin.

Every Japanese woman, no matter the age, is known to use a skin softener of a brand of their choice. Plus using it is super-easy too. Apply a small amount to your face and gently pat the softener until it has fully absorbed into the skin. Follow your beauty routine with a moisturiser.

Tip 3: Look For Collagen Rich Products

Collagen products are all the rage in Japan. This may just be a trend. Though there aren’t any concrete proof showing that adding collagen to your diet or skincare works. But if there is one thing Japanese women are good at, is taking good care of their skin. With that in mind, do try including collagen rich food or beauty products to ensure the elasticity of your glowing skin. As a result, one can never go wrong with a good collagen mask either. Just make sure you use products from a trusted brand.

Japanese Skincare
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Tip 4: Using An Anti-Ageing Mask Every Once Or Twice A Month

The very concrete foundation of Japanese skin care lies in keeping a high level of moisture in the skin. Due to one simple reason. The more hydrated the skin is, the healthier it looks. Easy-peasy, right? Applying a face mask once or twice a month helps boost the moisture level. Therefore, giving your skin that youthful glow which you always dreamed of. Skincare was never this easy, was it? Hop on the Japanese bandwagon and you surely won’t regret it.

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