Skin Care Regimen for Brides

Skin Care Regime for Brides

Skin Care Regimen for Brides: The wedding day is the most special in your life. As soon as the date for the wedding is fixed the preparations for the big day begin. The things that steal the limelight are where the wedding will take place and what will be your wedding outfit. In that fuss, we forget to take care of ourselves, especially our skin. The brides, most importantly, get so busy with other stuff that they somehow skip the most crucial thing from their routine i.e. skin care.

Healthy skin is very essential and one must include this in their regime. And when it comes to getting married you cannot neglect your skin. You will be the one to grab all the attention of the guests and the cameraman’s whole focus will be on you. Your skin is an important part of your overall wedding look. Do not just use random products on your skin. You need to follow a proper skin regimen for a perfect bridal glow on your wedding day.

An ideal skin-care regimen for brides:

  • Keep up a balanced diet

    balanced diet
    Have a nutritious diet

A healthy and nutritious diet is the key to your every problem. Include green vegetables in your meals. Add fruits that are rich in vitamins and have citric acid as it helps in detoxifying the body. If you eat well you feel well and ultimately it will lead to a different glow on your face.

Consulting a dermatologist will be very beneficial as he will be able to tell you the things your mirror or your camera hide. Your dermatologist will examine you and recommend ointments or treatments that you can go for if your wedding is near and you cannot afford a slow-going procedure.

  • Deep cleansing & moisturising

    Skin Care Regime
    Deep cleansing is the key

It is salient to cleanse your skin on daily basis. Your face has to go through a lot of dust and harmful particles when you leave the house. So, it gets really important to cleanse your skin just as you reach home. Cleanse your skin deeply and don’t forget to moisturise it. If you do not moisturise your skin it will start extracting oil from the face automatically which is not good for the skin.

  • Home-made face masks

    face masks
    Do it yourself!

Nothing is better than the natural things that our ancestors discovered that are still being used. Make the masks yourself by using natural ingredients such as turmeric, curd, gram flour, and aloe vera. Keep your skin type in check before making the mask. Make it a habit that you continue this routine.

  • Take care of your lips

    Keep the lip balm with you

Often lips are neglected in the whole process of skin care. You cannot afford to do that. Take care of your chapped lips with the usage of appropriate oils to keep them mushy and soft. You can also use some DIY techniques to enhance the texture of your lips. Also, always carry lip balm with you.

  • Manage the stress

    Skin Care Regime
    Calm your mind

It is understandable that you can feel stressed about the whole wedding thing. But it is not advised to get anxious which can get out of control. Stress is not good for your physical as well as mental health. Therefore, manage your anxiety and nervousness with yoga or exercise. Make time for it. Try doing meditation or listening to something calming and soothing that brings tranquillity to your mind and body.  


Other things that you can include in your skin-care regime are sleeping on time and waking up on time. This will train your body to work and follow a certain routine which is good for the skin. Start with the facials just after the wedding date is decided so that your tissues have plenty of time to heal. Most importantly, have an enthralling time and build memories.