The Ultimate Guide For Grooms’ Footwear


It is everyone’s desire to look perfect on their big day whether you’re a woman or a man. Footwear plays a very important role in boosting the grooms’ personality. We’re full of options for footwear that not only enhance your look but also make you the star of the night/day.

1) Peshawari


The benefit of having Peshawari sandals in your closet is, you can wear them either as a casual outfit choice or a formal one. It’s a semi-closed footwear with two strips making it more fashionable. And for your comfort, it has a buckle in the back too.

2) Brogues


Brogues always look sexy. It should be in your closet whether you’re getting married or not. They have been worn by many celebrities from Bollywood as well as Hollywood.

3) Classic Oxfords


Who can say no to such classic shoes? Initially, Oxfords were made simple and plain and were made of leather, but now, they have evolved and have become the most fashionable shoes.

4) The Jutti Shoe


We’ve all heard about the juttis and the look which they give. It is a must-buy footwear when shopping for your wedding. Juttis look stunning when worn with a sherwani.

5) Embroidered Loafers


Loafers, also referred to as slip-ons, slipper-shoes, or lace-less shoes, are known best as hassle-free shoes. The embroidered loafers for grooms is the best choice and the grooms can even customize them according to the clothes they’ll be wearing on their big day.

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