Women-centric shows to watch on Netflix 


Times are changing when it comes to women in television as you don’t have to try hard to find women-centric shows. It is not something rare nowadays and that’s how it should be. You can easily find a woman, leading a show in any genre, and let’s talk about some of them that are on Netflix.

Never have I ever


We have seen plenty of movies and shows that show a guy’s journey through high school but finally, Netflix came out with a show that shows things the other way around. Never have I ever shows the journey of an Indian girl studying in an American high school and everything that goes on with it. This show not only talks about high school but also growing up.

Orange is the new black

When you talk about a women-centric show how can you not talk about ‘orange is the new black’?. Now, this show has a little bit of everything. It will make you laugh, cry and feel emotions all at the same time. The show follows a woman who gets arrested and is sentenced to go to an all-womens’ jail. The majority of this show’s cast is female and they knock it out of the park.

The bold type

This show has been on every women’s list since it started as it is all about them. Bold type captures this generation’s women who get things done and are living their best life while doing it. It shows a bond between three best friends who will do anything to support one another. You will definitely get jealous of their work environment and will root for them all the way.

Emily in Paris


Now let’s talk about a show which will leave you dreaming about Paris. It is a beautiful and luxurious show which you guessed it takes place in Paris. The show follows Emily and her journey in Paris. We feel like that’s enough for you to just go and check it out. Since we can’t travel right now let’s travel through this show.

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