Juggling between connection and loneliness during quarantine

Quarantine Loneliness
The quarantine time is making us feel lonely and wanting for a deep connection. It is a tough time for all of us since we’ve never faced such a situation before. In fact, we never thought it’d be possible in our remotest imagination that some day we’ll have to simply be locked up in our homes without socialisation to keep ourselves safe. Although it is keeping us safe but it is taking a toll on our emotional well being. We are literally starved for connection with our loved ones. Earlier, we maybe took a walk to the park, got out in the sun, laughed with a friend, now the setting is restricted to home environs only. Juggling between connection, communication and loneliness during quarantine can prove to be a challenge.
 Loneliness During Quarantine
Now we are mostly seeing the walls of our home or the tv set in the drawing room. Humans are social beings. It implies we need to socialise with our loved ones so as to be healthy and happy. The quarantine time is only making us more and more aloof. Remember, even if you can’t meet your love interest at this point in time, you can still remain in touch with them digitally. In fact, being digitally connected makes more room for self-disclosure. Be an emotional support to them in this time of crises. Remember that one can be a caring and supportive person even from a distance.
Loneliness can easily set in during these times. Always make it a point to pick up your phone and call that distant friend of yours who you’ve been meaning to call since a long long time! Good communication is extremely effective when it comes to times like these. It can help you navigate through your relationships with much ease. Communication can help build strong, deep and meaningful relationships especially with like-minded people. There are two things to remember during this quarantine. The first thing is to keep working on your communication and the second to to keep connected to your loved ones while keeping loneliness at bay.

While there are numerous things you can do so as to not feel lonely, the first and foremost thing is to silence the inner critic. Make a conscious effort to not view things negatively. When you feel like no one really cares for you, just dial your best friend’s number or talk to someone who means a lot to you.If you have not been socialising for a while, getting connected might feel intimidating but trust us, it is worth the effort. At this point of time, it is imperative that you connect with the people be it digitally. It doesn’t simply mean connecting to your partner.

Quarantine Loneliness
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Connecting to your friends and other acquaintances can really take the edge off the situation for you. Learning to shift perspective and learning to see the brighter side can really help at this hour. You don’t have to let the situation affect you negatively. You can come out a stronger and a better person certainly if you take steps in the right direction. First of all, take a little time to introspect about everything. Do something that you’ve always wanted to do but never tried such as painting or sketching etc. Living each moment well, and sprinkling kindness and empathy to every moment can truly take the edge off the situation. You can have meals together with your partner.
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