#SuitableStrawberries: benefits offered by strawberries for your skin 


There are several fruits that help you deal with the issue related to your skin types. From acne to brightening masks, fruits are the one-stop solutions to all your skin troubles. Speaking of fruits, have you ever thought of what an amazing ailment is strawberry for your skin? If not, then we have you all covered up, have a look at the four benefits of strawberries listed below:

Anti-aging technique


Strawberries do look like a perfect cute fruit to eat all day long, but once you look into it from a deeper lens then you will get to know about how beneficial is it for your skin. Speaking of skin, the first benefit that we would like to mention is that strawberries are filled with anti-oxidant ellagic acid which in turn makes sure to prevent wrinkles on your skin. Hence, if you use a proper amount of strawberries in the form of masks and facials then you’ll probably not get prone to wrinkled skin.

No more acne

Your skin will look as beautiful and as tempting as these strawberries look if you use them as a skincare element for getting rid of acne. The acidic nature of strawberries helps us in removing excess oil from your skin which in turn will provide you an acne-free face. You can take a bowl and squeeze a few strawberries into a bowl along with some cream or yogurt and a pinch of honey might do wonders. Applying this paste on the affected areas will take away all your blemishes and acne breakouts leaving your skin flawless.

Bubye, Oily skin!


Since we mentioned above the amount of wonders strawberry does in getting rid of acne well, then acne and oily skin are quite interconnected. This fruit is rich in vitamins and especially the presence of Vitamin C in this pretty red surprise helps you maintain the ph levels of your skin. Applying suitable masks using this fruit on your skin will help you keep the skin nourished and the oil production of your way.

Brighter and lighter skin tone

Who doesn’t want a natural ingredient to look all brightens and enlightened? Well, if you’re searching for some suitable options then let us tell you that strawberries are your go-to buddies for the same. The strawberry juice contains several lighting extracts and this is quite a helpful tool to demolish certain dark spots, acne spots, and blemishes on your skin, making your face look brighter than ever before.

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