When luxury meets royalty: Sabyasachi X H&M


Well, the wait is finally over, the much-awaited collaboration is all set to be up and about online. Due to the global pandemic, the process of this magnificent collaboration was at a standstill, but now you should all be ready to expect something extraordinary. H&M finally gets to showcase its collection with the first Indian designer- Sabyasachi Mukherjee. This high-end designer intends to shape the essence of street style fashion with his intricate and extraordinary work. So, have a look at a few points that you should expect before taking a peep into the collection.

“Sari not sorry”


H&M is all set to showcase the much-awaited collection and while we discuss a few things that you need to look out for, then the first one would be the regal Sari. It is by far H&M’s first-ever collaboration with an Indian designer and the first-ever Sari at H&M. Sabyasachi Mukherjee and his royal visual representation contributes to a perfect and intricately designed minimal Sari. So, get ready to experience the ultimate Indian style with the quirky touch of H&M.

Plethora of prints

H&M is always up for some or the other modification with their styles and especially their blouses. So, while we discuss Sabyasachi and this wonderful collaboration, then how can one not mention the flimsy printed blouses and of course the statement-worthy kaftans. The highlight of the collection is that all the prints are hand-drawn by Sabyasachi’s extraordinary art team. So, it’s time to appreciate the artwork ladies, just gear up and wish list your favorites.

Minimal yet magnificent accessories


From engraved signet rings to coined pendants each and every accessory is intricately designed by the experts under Sabyasachi’s supervision. Well, we all know that Sabyasachi is hands down one of the finest in the fashion industry so his jewellery pieces at H&M are nothing less than a mega; collection of different elements.

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