Why you should subscribe to Wedding Affair Magazine


Wedding Affair Magazine is one of the earliest and largest Wedding & Lifestyle magazines in the world. The magazine covers the preferences and demands of the elite class of the society. The major topics of the magazine include weddings, jewellery, fashion, events, honeymoon destinations, trousseau, beauty products, and travel companies. The magazine is released by-monthly in India and some foreign countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Belgium, Hong Kong, Thailand, Pakistan, and The UAE. Here are all the reasons why you should subscribe to the Wedding Affair magazine.

  • An Ideal Choice for A Lavish Wedding

    A grand destination wedding

If you are looking to have an extravagant wedding but are short on ideas, worry no more as this magazine has countless suggestions for your impeccable wedding. From customary regional weddings to avant-garde weddings, the magazine covers them in the most thorough manner. From the wedding venue to the wedding reception you can find anything you desire in the magazine. Also, if you are questing for a destination wedding, Wedding Affair Magazine will give a solution for that also as it has a whole section that only covers destination weddings not only in India but outside the country, too. The magazine will introduce you to the locations that you have never heard of.

  • Offbeat Honeymoon Destination

    Explore the Unexplored!

A wedding never feels complete without a perfect honeymoon but you must be tired of hearing the same old names for the honeymoon. Wedding Affair Magazine will provide you with the luxury of getting to know the locations that are completely offbeat. The magazine not only familiarises you with international honeymoon destinations but also with destinations that are in India and people have never heard of such as Coorg, Kabini, Allepey, and Hampi.

  • The Latest Jewellery Trends

    From classic to transforming jewellery

Gone are the days when brides used to wear traditional jewellery on their wedding days. Wedding Affair Magazine introduces all the millennial brides-to-be to the newest jewellery trends that are in the market. From classic jewellery to the transforming ones, the magazine intimates you with the jewels from hair to toe. The jewellery section has a sub-section named ‘jewellery bazaar’ that has jewels from luxurious brands such as Bvlgari and Kalyan Jewellers.

  • The Fashion Quotient

    The style statement by celebs

Wedding Affair Magazine has a fashion section that covers the vacationer’s wardrobe, seasonal fashion, and a fashion story. The section also covers a story on classic fashion to make its readers familiar with our ancient culture. This section of the magazine is for all the brides-to-be out there who want a traditional yet modern look for their wedding day. The section has a sub-section called Trousseau which has traditional outfits from all the splendid designers that you can consider for your wedding ceremony.

  • The Beauty Segment

    Glam up with the exquisite products

The magazine has a beauty segment that has all the latest products and trends that are in the market. This segment introduces you to the opulent brands that a bride can prefer for her pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies. It also guides you on how to take care of your skin with the best products. It has a section named Shopping Fiesta that presents you the luxurious beauty brands. The segment also makes you known to the latest beauty vogue that is being followed by top-notch Indian as well as International celebrities.

  • The Magnificent Events

    The celeb fashion weeks

Wedding Affair Magazine has an Event section in which the elite events that happen by-monthly are covered. The events are mostly about fashion weeks, film festivals, and Award nights. It keeps you updated with the entertainment industry and the fashion that is in vogue be it concerns the latest hairstyles or the up-to-date shoe trend, be it makeup or jewels, you will not feel like you have been left behind.

Besides all these chunks, the magazine keeps you enriched with the trending home décor as it has a whole article on it. It has some light-hearted segments, too such as Bollywood Chat Masala, and Last Word which have cheery jokes about couples. It has a WOTS segment also which covers the celeb wedding utterly from their wedding outfits to their wedding venue.

All in all the Wedding Affair Magazine is the ultimate combination of everything from weddings to fashion, and from home décor to gift bazaar. It has print as well as digital editions, too so you can check out everything that is in the magazine at very on-hand prices. So, subscribe to the magazine and get your copies already. Relish the feel of the printed magazine or E-magazine. Pick as you fancy and as the tagline says,

                                     “MAKE IT AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER”

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