How To Get The Best Makeup Artist For Your Wedding


When it comes to makeup for your wedding day, the possibilities are endless. From contouring to smokey eyes and from glossy lips to glitter eye shadows, a bride has hundreds of options to choose from. If you are not a makeup fanatic, all these choices might make your head spin. Hiring the best makeup artist for your wedding day will take away all your stress and make sure that you are not only camera ready but feel beautiful and confident on your special day.

You spend months browsing through wedding literature to find your perfect dress and décor but your search must not stop there. The best method to make sure that your makeup precisely turns out the way you have visualised it is by utilising a reference picture. Did a makeup look on the runway catch your eyes? Are you dying to recreate the look that your favourite actor wore for her wedding day? If that is the case, you must take those pictures to a makeup artist for reference.

1. Do A Complete And Thorough Search

The look you are searching for may or may not be easily available, you’ll have to flip through several magazines, do the necessary research and then take a call.You can get some good suggestions from your friends who are already married. Your hairstylist or photographer may also have great suggestions for you as they might have worked with top artists in several parts of the country. You can also check the websites of renowned artists along with the reviews left by real brides to help you assess their work better.

2. Stay Abreast of What Is Trending

An exhaustive search means going through all the makeup trends and being aware of what is in vogue. What is the latest trend and what is worth capturing vis-a-vis your own bridal look is something that you should have a clear understanding of. Read reviews and go for trial sessions. That might be obvious, but if reviews are telling you that a particular stylist is always late, they will most likely be late on your wedding day as well. It may cost you a little extra money but a trial will give you the opportunity to spend time with a prospective makeup artist, get to know them and make sure your beauty style matches well.

3. When Is The Ideal Time To Start Looking?

The real process should begin anywhere from four to six months before the wedding. As mentioned earlier, research is a key process. Make sure you have all the ingredients handy. Also, having a friend or parent accompanying you will take some stress off your shoulders.

4. The Process Of Fixing The Perfect Artist

Your trial for makeup should be booked instantly when you have sent the reference photos to your makeup artist. It would be better to find out early whether the look as well as the makeup artist fits you or not. Remember that your reference picture must just act as an inspiration and you must always welcome suggestions from the expert. One should always keep in mind that makeup looks appear differently in during different times of the day. Keep this in mind while fixing an appointment with the artist.