Yoga asanas for the “bride to be” squad


All the Brides to be are probably going through a lot of feelings and mostly they’re all butterflies and blush feelings, but apart from that, you ladies shall take care of your mental peace as well as your physical health. So, listed below are a few yoga asanas that all the brides should practice just before their wedding. 



Speaking of a few yoga asanas that probably every bride-to-be should do just to relax, then the first one on the list has to be trikonasana also known as the triangle pose. As the name suggests, this asana is a standing one. Stretching your arms your legs and your back will help you relax and it prevents you from all the wedding anxiety. And of course, stretching your body will help you stay fit and healthy while you shop all day long. 


Coming up next is Bhujangasana, which is also known as the contra pose. This asana is all about stretching yikes arms your shoulders which in turn helps you add to that flexibility. And a bride definitely needs to relax and have a fit body while you’re shopping constantly for your big day. In addition, it also helps you handle the pre-wedding jitters. 

Mountain pose


This is one of the first poses that you should probably begin with. Your hands-on sides and deep breathing will help you relax your muscles and deal with the after pre-wedding jitters and all that chaos that’s going on in your mind. 

Bridge pose 

Just like the others mentioned above, even the bridge pose is all about stretching your lower and your upper back. Because c’mon, you ladies need to be all prepared and all geared up for what is coming your way, and there make sure that you don’t injure yourself just before your fairytale begins. And just to avoid such situations your need to hold your body strong and the bridge pose ensures the same. 

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