6 Wedding Movies to Watch Before the Big Day

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Wedding Movies: Planning your wedding can be a lot of work. From selecting the wedding venue to hiring the catering service, everything has to be on point. For that, you need to prepare a list. While planning the wedding the couple may get a little frustrated and can get on each other’s nerves. To calm those nerves down Wedding Affair will introduce you to some wedding movies that you must watch to keep not lose hope and to keep your romance and understanding alive.

The movie is about how Jane, the female lead finds herself in the position of being a bridesmaid 27 times but always manages to stay single. She finally finds herself a man who is a writer and writes stories on people’s weddings for the newspaper and happens to be covering the wedding of Jane’s sister. It is a light-hearted comedy that you must watch to acknowledge one another and will help you in being patient with one another.

It is a movie about a single woman Annie Walker, who is single and her life is a complete mishmash, is asked to be a maid of honour at her best and only friend’s wedding. The real adventure begins when Lilian (best friend) takes them on a journey which is full of humorous activities. This is a happy-go-lucky kind of movie that every bride-to-be should watch to release all the stress.

The Wedding Planner is a romantic-comedy movie where Mary Fiore, the female lead in the movie is a wedding planner. She knows all the tricks for a wedding to go perfectly fine and is very successful in her field. Things get out of hand when she realises that she has fallen in love with the fiancé of the bride she is planning the wedding for. Every bride and groom must watch this very amusing movie.

It is yet another great comedy-drama classic movie. The movie is about how eight contrasting London couples deal with their love lives and struggles to find the meaning of love. Every couple has a different story. Watch the movie and find the rest of the story.

Notting Hill is a classic romantic-comedy movie starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. Hugh Grant plays the role of a bookstore owner who does not manage to sell enough books for a living. Things happen to change when Julia Roberts, who plays the role of a huge movie star in the movie visits his store and then the real story begins. The movie will present you with the struggles they face in their not-so-perfect romance. Watch this balmy love story with your partner.

Last but not the least, Crazy Rich Asians is a romantic-comedy movie about how Rachel Chu, the female lead of the movie learns that her boyfriend belongs to an extremely rich family. She is also surprised to know that he is considered as the country’s most eligible bachelor. You must watch this crazy movie to take a break from all the worries of the wedding.

So, these are some noteworthy Hollywood romantic-comedy wedding movies that all couples should definitely watch before the big day. These will help in releasing all the tension and stress of planning the wedding and will refresh you. Therefore, you will be able to focus on your story and will appreciate each other more.